Experience¬†the best deer hunting in Alabama at Five G’s Farm! We have over 1,000 acres dedicated to free-range hunting, with a natural mix of hardwoods, pines, open fields, and food plots to attract white-tail deer. Our food plots are maintained year round by our property managers to provide nutrition to sustain all of the many wildlife you’ll find around the property.¬† You can book your hunt with one of our guides, or go on a self-guided hunt while we provide you with a map of our custom built box blinds, deer stands or hunting blinds. For an adrenaline rush, don’t forget about our guided night time hog hunts. We will equip you with the latest thermal technology to ensure the most memorable hunt while you own the night! With our hunters in mind, we book our hog hunts outside of deer season so as not to put too much pressure on our trophy bucks and mature does.

Set your sights on the deer of a lifetime
Hog hunts offered day or night